intec completed successfully wind and solar project in Zanzibar with a two day workshop on the sunny island

In the last week, intec has presented its final project insights and outcomes for wind and solar potential analysis and feasibility studies of renewable energy power plants in Zanzibar. On the beautiful, sunny island, our team conducted a two-day workshop on 18-19 March 2019 in the framework of the Zanzibar Renewable Energy Programme, funded by the EU, to support the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar in developing interventions promoting socio-economic development based on renewable energy from both solar and wind resources.

With the participation of more than 50 attendees from various governmental bodies, the workshop has provided a comprehensive overview of the potential capacity of wind and photovoltaic energy integration into the Zanzibar power grid system as well as technical, social, environmental, economic and financial inputs of wind and photovoltaic resources for electricity generation in Zanzibar. The workshop facilitated the way for the government decision makers by presenting of different elaborated options for the implementation and operation of wind and photovoltaic power plants. With the outcomes of intec’s study, Zanzibar will witness soon the launch of its first grid connected PV power plant and can thus increase the share of regenerative energy in electricity production.