Ethics & Compliance

In addition to innovation and quality, intec aims to maintain the highest ethical standard in the conduct of its activities and in relations with all business partners (customers, associates, suppliers, authorities) as well as with competitors, the media and the public.

Our ethical principles can be summarized as follows:

  • We respond to clients' individual needs and guarantee the best possible solutions.
  • We are continually developing our technical and business competence.
  • We are a reliable partner and build solid and lasting business relationships with our clients.
  • Our independence as consultant is non-negotiable. We act on the basis of strictly objective considerations.
  • We conduct our business with full respect for cultural diversity and in compliance with all applicable laws, standards, and regulations.
  • The principles of a green economy such as sustainability, economic efficiency, environmental and social compatibility, and innovation form the basis of our work.

intec attaches particular importance to the high level of integrity that it requires in conducting the company's  business. Our integrity is guided by our Code of Conduct. This code outlines the basic legal framework that helps each of our employees make the right decisions when conducting business worldwide.

Environmental consciousness

As an internationally operating energy consulting company, we are committed to the fact that any sustainable energy supply depends on protecting the environment and preserving natural resources. Thus, environmental protection and climate change mitigation are integral parts of our activities. We continuously support our clients in the observance of these issues and the increase of energy efficiency.

Our commitment to environmental protection is defined in our “Environmental Policy”.