Feasibility Studies for Solar Farms in Mali

Intec has joined forces with BRL ingénierie to perform feasibility studies of two solar farms with energy storage located in the Kati region in Mali.
The kickoff meeting having already taken place on the 21st of June, this project has proven to be an exciting and challenging endeavor.

The future photovoltaic power plants of Kambila (40 MWp) and Safo (50 MWp) will be an integral part of Mali’s ambitious solar plans to meet the demand of its growing population and economy while also accelerating the country’s transition towards green renewable energies.

Funded by l’Agence Francaise de Développement (AFD) to the benefit of Société Énergie du Mali SA (EDM SA), the two solar farms are part of a larger project for the construction of the north section of the 225kV loop around Bamako.

Intec’s role is to set up this project for success by evaluating the technical, economic, and financial aspects relating to the development and construction of the two power plants.
Additionally, BRLi will perform a study of their environmental and social impacts.

Once the final technical specifications are defined, Intec will elaborate the tendering documents and support EDM SA in the tendering process.