DR Congo - Prohydro Programme

A new hydropower project in DR Congo has been awarded to the joint venture intec and Zollet.

The KfW financed project consists of the financing, construction and operation of three hydropower plants and the corresponding transmission lines up to the REGIDESO (state water utility) water supply and treatment facilities, potential large consumers and of the distribution network to individual customers (households) and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) located near the sites. The hydropower plants will be partially financed by the private sector (IPP, PPP) under a power purchase agreement (PPA).

The objective is to use the Tshilomba (3 MW), Tshala II (6 MW), and the Kafumbu (2 MW) projects as reference projects in order to improve the electricity supply to REGIDESO facilities as well as to the local population and industry by  providing clean, renewable and reliable energy and reducing diesel fuel consumption.

For the three sites above existing feasibility studies will be updated, and preliminary ESIA, ESMP, resettlement framework and technical specifications for tender documents will be elaborated.

 In addition, within the 36 months project duration, for 5 out of 12 preselected hydropower sites prefeasibility studies will be carried out.