Sustainable Energy

Enabling sustainable energy solutions

A clear vision of the use of the available resources on our planet today is crucial to ensure the long term development of our economies. Nonetheless, resources are strongly impacted by Climate Changes and the strong commitments from the international community towards transformational projects certainly provide opportunities to take appropriate actions.

Within sustainable energy, intec’s key expertise lies within the economic and financial valuation of energy investment opportunities and the development of sustainable and strategic options at national and regional levels. intec’s sustainability assurance lies in the combination of technical, economic, environmental and strategic expertise.

Our services range from investment planning, energy management to energy economics.

We provide expertise in economic and financial analysis for energy projects and programs aiming at providing decision makers with focused analytics and information. Our tools include Economic Analysis, Finance and Asset Management, Energy and Environmental Auditing, Energy Planning and Development. These services are provided for all types of technical energy sectors such as conventional power systems, transfer and distribution lines, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our expertise is strongly focused on the needs of our clients to achieve a more sustainable and efficient use of energy resources. Our broad understanding of energy technologies as well as their financial and environmental viability makes intec a valuable energy partner for your projects.

We understand Energy Efficiency to be more than single technical improvements, thus this subject is an integral part of our sustainable energy division. We therefore provide the technical, environmental, economic, social and policy understanding required to enable promote these activities.

Energy Strategies and policies on a national and regional level are part of intec’s portfolio. In developing strategies, we provide expertise on policy, environmental, social and economic aspects. Our tools include project identification, portfolio optimisation, adaptation and mitigation potential analysis, development of banking criteria and optimized processes.

With a strong expertise on strategy and finance, we are in a position to provide comprehensive approaches to international green funds and sustainable energy financing facilities.