Renewable Energy

Protection of environment and resources are our priorities

One of the key global energy trends of the last decade and of the future is a shift from a fossil/nuclear based energy supply towards renewable energies. Replacing fossil fuels by using renewable energies to cover the increasing demand of mankind is more environmental friendly, greenhouse gas emission saving and increasingly economic competitive - at least if calculated over the complete lifetime. It offers, in addition, lots of other benefits such as independency from energy imports, creation of local jobs and other socioeconomic benefits.

Within renewable energies, intec's key expertise lies in electricity generation as well as heat supply systems. In this regard intec has profound technical, environmental and economic/financial expertise in all major renewable energy resources and all relevant corresponding energy conversion technologies. Additionally, combining intec's further expertise (Network Design, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution) our services are ideally extended and by that we handle the growing challenge of the integration renewable energy systems into existing structures.

Renewable Energy Resources:

  • Solar radiation
  • Wind
  • Biomass and waste
  • Hydro resources
  • Geothermal resources

Energy Conversion Technologies:

Wind energy:

  • Multi-megawatt wind turbines and wind parks
  • Wind (e. g. diesel) hybrid power systems


  • All types of PV modules
  • Fixed, single and dual axis tracking PV
  • Concentrating PV systems (CPV)
  • PV hybrid power systems

Solar Thermal Power - Concentrated Solar Power (CSP):

  • Parabolic trough, dish
  • Fresnel, tower
  • Integrated solar combined cycle systems
  • Thermal heat storage


  • Incineration
  • Biogas
  • Biofuel
  • Waste-to-energy plants

Small Hydropower:

  • Micro, mini and small scale hydropower plants


  • Heat and/or power supply

Hybrid Systems:

  • Wind-diesel-battery systems
  • PV-diesel-battery systems
  • Combinations of renewables among each other and renewables with storage systems
  • CSP with storage


  • Batteries
  • Thermal storage
  • Mechanical storage
  • Hydrogen