Power Systems

We help to ensure the security of power supply, its economic viability and environmental compatibility

A reliable energy supply is a cardinal intrument for the sustainable development of each economy, and it poses a permanent challenge for power generation, as well as for power at the level of power transmission and distribution.

Consisting of experienced and globally operating consultants, intec takes on the complexity of the planning, rehabilitation, extension, operation and control of electrical power systems by applying state-of-the-art technology and identifying cost-effective solutions.

Our technical and innovative concepts, and our expertise in the implementation of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts, allow our customers to adapt their electric power system to ever-changing demand and environmental conditions, and ensure that this continues to meet all the requirements well into the future.

We also work on solutions for regions confronted with specific challenges, such as dispersed demographic structures, considerable distances between power production centres and centres of consumption, or extremely low load density in rural areas.

Together with our clients, we define the tools to ensure reliable and efficient power generation, to increase the availability of the network, to respond faster and more effectively to malfunctions, and to reduce the risk of system disturbances and outages.

intec's engineering competence covers electrical, mechanical and hydro-mechanical engineering, civil works, control, protection and telecommunication. Our services are not limited to technical aspects, but also include social and environmental impact analyses, financial management and organisation, and human development.